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Wick Junior Badminton Club prize winners for 2019

By Staff Reporter- NOSN

Player of the year Kari Durrand.
Player of the year Kari Durrand.

Wick Junior Badminton Club’s annual competitions for 2019 were well contested across all the age groups.

Results: U11 – Boys’ singles: Winner, Murray Mackay; runner-up, Connor Davidson; 3, Scott Malcolm; 4, Brody Mackenzie.

Girls’ singles: Winner, Anna Durrand; runner-up, Katie MacDonald; 3, Antonia Beattie.

Boys’ doubles: Winners, Murray and Connor; runner-up, Scott Malcolm and Kian Lamb; Ronin Kean and Brody Mackenzie.

Girls’ doubles: Winners, Anna and Katie; runners-up, Antonia Beattie and Keira Ross.

Mixed doubles: Winners, Brody and Katie; runners-up, Ronin and Anna; 3, Scott Malcolm and Beth Ross; 4, Kian and Antonia.

U13 – Boys’ singles: Winner, Owen Klimas; runner-up, Corey Macleod; 3, Morgan Kennedy; 4, Ross Harper.

Girls’ singles: Winner, Sarah Henstridge; runner-up, Amy Groat; 3, Rebecca Nicolson; 4, Cara Miller.

Boys’ doubles: Winners, Morgan Kennedy and Joshua Hughes; runners-up, Owen and Corey; 3, Ross Harper and Connor Sutherland; 4, Kian Lamb and Hamish Gunn.

Girls’ doubles: Winners, Sarah Henstridge and Antonia Beattie; runners-up, Beth Crowe and Cara Miller; 3, Holly Durrand and Amy Groat; 4, Yasmin Smith and Rebecca Nicolson.

Mixed doubles: Winners, Owen and Sarah; runners-up, Joshua and Holly; 3, Connor and Amy; 4, Ross and Beth.

U15 – Boys’ singles: Winner, Alan Gunn; runner-up, Craig Malcolm; 3, Oscar Sutherland; 4, Nathan Bain.

Girls’ singles: Winner, Leah Sinclair; runner-up, Lauren Mackenzie; 3, Keira Gunn; 4, Emma MacDonald.

Boys’ doubles: Winners, Craig and Oscar; runners-up, Ben Mackay and Nathan Bain; 3, Alan Gunn and Scott Sinclair; 4, Murray Mackay and Kyle Swanson.

Girls’ doubles: Winners, Lauren and Keira; runners-up, Emma MacDonald and Emily Sutherland; 3, Robyn Gow and Alisha Mackay; 4, Maya Macleod and Abbie Gunn.

Mixed doubles: Winners, Ben and Leah; runners-up, Keira and Nathan; 3, Craig and Emily; 4, Logan McPhee and Lauren Mackenzie.

U17 – Boys’ singles: Winner, William Mackay; runner-up, Aiden Bain; 3, Coinneach Pellow; 4, Peter Burr.

Girls’ singles: Winner, Iona Fleming; runner-up, Kari Durrand.

Boys’ doubles: Winners, William and Aiden; runners-up, Coinneach and Peter.

Girls’ doubles: Winners, Iona and Kari; runners-up, Keira Gunn and Lauren Mackenzie.

Mixed doubles: Winners, William and Kari; runners-up, Aiden and Iona.

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