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Six shooters hit maximum score in opening round of winter league

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Caithness Small Bore Rifle Association's winter league has resumed, with 29 teams of four competing across five divisions.

Teams shoot against each other three times throughout a total of 15 rounds.

There are also two divisions for junior shooters in a 10-round competition. The junior league is an individual contest with competitors shooting twice against each other.

The winter league runs from early November through to late February each year, with cup competitions running into March. The league has shooters of all standards, from juniors to veterans, and from novices to competitors who have represented Scotland.

Round one had six shooters with the maximum score of 100 – D Simpson, B Young and Graeme Sutherland (Wick Old Stagers) and G Habiby (Huntly), all in Division One, M MacKenzie (Westfield) in Division Three and T Stuart (Nairn) in Division Five.

Results (shots dropped) – Division One: Wick Old Stagers "A" 3 beat Huntly "A" 6. Individual scores – Wick Old Stagers: B Young 0, D Simpson 0, H Simpson 1, S Nicolson 2. Huntly: G Habiby 0, L Thomson 1, W A Copland 2, R Murray 3.

Pentland "A" 10 beat Watten "A" 13. Individual scores – Pentland: R L O Brown 1, P Richard 2, G Begg 3, D Mowat 4. Watten: N Brims 2, D Wilson 2, D Bremner 3, G Bremner 6.

Wick Old Stagers "B" 12 beat Halkirk "A" 15. Individual scores – Wick Old Stagers: Graeme Sutherland 0, A Paul 3, S S Nicolson 3, George Sutherland 6. Halkirk: J G Campbell 2, R B Campbell 4, J Fraser 4, W A Campbell 5.

Division Two: Results delayed as some teams have requested extensions.

Division Three: Westfield "A" 11 beat Halkirk C 28. Individual scores – Westfield: M Mackenzie 0, M Mackay 1, G A Mackay 4, J Manson 6. Halkirk: S Campbell 1, S Yuille 6, C Gunn 6, R Sutherland 15.

Lairg 20 beat Stirkoke B 118. Individual scores – Lairg: M Peat 4, A Murray 4, D Macleod 6, I Mackay 6. Stirkoke: G Cameron 4, A Webster 6, G Henderson 8, NCR 100.

Huntly "B" 36 beat Pentland "B" 122. Individual scores – Huntly: A Scott 5, D Innes 8, L Thomson 10, C Grant 13. Pentland: J Coghill 6, P Gates 8, A Cowe 8, NCR 100.

Division Four: Clachnacuddin 20 beat Wick Old Stagers "C" 35. Individual scores – Clach: R Embury 3, W H Macdonald 3, B Harding 5, A Rose 9. Wick Old Stagers: C Ronaldson 7, I Simpson 7, A Harper 10, A Tait 11.

Dingwall 29 beat Stirkoke "C" 33. Individual scores – Dingwall: B Mackintosh 3, R H Meiklejohn 3, R C Meiklejohn 5, H Meiklejohn 18. Stirkoke: D G Henderson 4, I Gunn 5, G Henry 9, D Henderson 15.

Watten "C" 35 beat Pentland "C" 310. Individual scores – Watten: K Macaulay 4, D Thomson Jnr 7, L Bremner 10, M Macaulay 14. Pentland: W D Mowat 10, 3 x NCR 300.

Top score in Division Four for round one was 97 shot by R Embury and W H Macdonald (Clachnacuddin) and B Mackintosh and R H Meiklejohn (Dingwall).

Division Five: Nairn B 45 beat Bogey 60. Individual scores – Nairn "B": T Stuart 0, G Anderson 3, L Andrew 20, S Hanshaw 22.

Westfield "B" 48 beat Stirkoke "D" 306. Individual scores – Westfield: M Sutherland 3, F Adams 10, A Jappy 17, L Taylor 18. Stirkoke: B Foubister 6, 3 x NCR 300.

Nairn "A" 80 beat Halkirk "D" 226. Individual scores – Nairn "A": S Murray 12, R Thompson 14, S Pickthall 17, M Pickthall 37. Halkirk: J Bremner 8, G Campbell 18, 2 x NCR 200.

Junior league – Division One: I Simpson 7 beat J Bremner 11; S Campbell 8 beat G Campbell 14; R Sutherland 8 beat J Sutherland 100.

Top score in Division One of the junior league was 93 by I Simpson.

Junior league – Division Two: L Taylor 10 beat B Thomson 100; C Mackay 30 beat D Sutherland 100; G Mill 100 drew with E Swanson 100.

Top score in Division Two for the juniors came from L Taylor (90).

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