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Morven Mackenzie celebrates double success at Caithness Riding Club Show

By Jean Gunn

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It was a double triumph for Morven Mackenzie in the inhand ring as she scooped both the championship title and the reserve with her two horses – Atlantic Tiffany (right) and Llynhelyg Lady Cilla.
It was a double triumph for Morven Mackenzie in the inhand ring as she scooped both the championship title and the reserve with her two horses – Atlantic Tiffany (right) and Llynhelyg Lady Cilla.

Caithness Riding Club enjoyed dry weather for the summer show at the weekend, held at Netherton Farm, Bilbster, by permission of the Miller family.

The event, the first local horse show to be staged since the summer of 2019, saw a great number of entries with competitors trying to fit in as many classes as possible.

Club chairman Jean Gunn said: "Standards on the day were incredibly high. Caithness has a wealth of talented riders and horses. On the whole the show went very well, with lots of favourable comments received on social media.

"The success of events like these is due entirely to the tireless work put in by committee members and volunteers, and I would like to thank all those who helped – you truly are an amazing team. I hope competitors appreciate the hard work put in and continue to support the club."

Taking the top title in the inhand section on Saturday was Morven Mackenzie, Achalone, with Atlantic Tiffany, while her other young horse Llynhelyg Lady Cilla was the reserve champion. It was a great day out for Morven, the junior representative on the club committee, who also won both her ridden classes as well as her working hunter class on Tiffany.

Russell Skelton won the champion ridden horse with his cob Kincullen Moonstone which is qualified for the Horse of the Year Show, while Khara Findlater riding her multi-talented event horse Whaupshill Touche was reserve.

The ridden pony title was won by Leoni Kennedy riding Shanrye Finley, with her cousin Ailsa Coghill taking the reserve spot on one of Leoni's other ponies Popalbee Minnie Mouse. Leoni also took the reserve sash in the working hunter pony section riding Minnie, while the championship went to Fearne McCarthy on Bailey.

The working hunter the champion ticket went to Sarah Jane Aitken and Start Smart, while the reserve was won by Megan Gillon on her Exmoor pony Beinn Theine.


Ridden – Condition and turnout: Alysha Holmes, Abermenai Annie. Leadrein pony: 1 Ailsa Coghill, Popalbee Minnie Mouse; 2 Rachel MacGregor, Forlan Honey Dundandy; 3 Anna Cameron, Cosford Peridot. Not exceeding 13hh: 1 Leoni Kennedy, Shanrye Finley; 2 Lucy Gray, Param Corrie; 3 Erica Pottinger, Bronllys Another Cherry. 13hh-14hh: 1 Danielle Sinclair, Leahs Cruz; 2 Rowan Lee, Thistledown on Every Street; 3 Kloe Smith, Edwin's Royal Rocket. 14hh-15hh: 1 Lauren Oag, Candy Reign; 2 Liam Mackenzie, Wee Vintage Abbie; 3 Kira Fraser, Llwyngell Llywelyn; 4 Alice Dunnet, Ollie. Exceeding 15hh: 1 Morven Mackenzie, Atlantic Tiffany; 2 Vicky Shearer, Rosie; 3 Lara-Jane Wilson, Inkstack Notorious; 4 Sara Jane Aitken, Start Smart; 5 Anne White Sinclair, Garrybrit Blue Coin; 6 Eimear Henderson, Royaltos Puzzled Storm-Grace.

Coloured: 1 Khara Findlater, Whaupshill Touche; 2 V Shearer; 3 Nicola Manson, Bobby's Choice; 4 Susan McAdie, Champagne Lady. Veteran horse: 1 K Findlater; 2 S Aitken; 3 Lynn Ronaldson, Chester, 4 Ailsa Macdonald, Rangehill September Morn. 4/5-year-old: 1 L Oag, Candy Reign; 2 Alysha Homes, Drumroe Rory; 3 Lynne Sutherland, Drumcrave Laddie; 4 Louise Bremner, Willow. Cob: 1 Russell Skelton, Kincullen Moonstone; A Macdonald, Sergeant Pepper. Mountain and Moorland small breeds: 1 R Lee, Thistledown on Every Street; 2 Megan Gillon, Beinn Theine; 3 Aimee Homes; 4 E Pottinger. M&M large breeds: 1 M Mackenzie, Llynhelyg Lady Cilla; 2 L Mackenzie, Llanidan Bonheddwr; 3 Mey Cameron, Corha's Carly; 4 K Fraser; 5 Erin Mackenzie, Rhoswen Glyndwer; 6 Gabby Ivey, Clifford Blue Chip.

Janet Welsh class: 1 R Skelton; 2 S McAdie; 3 Carol Taylor, Templebready Boy; 4 A Sinclair; 5 L Bremner, Harris. Riding club pony: 1 Alysha Holmes, Abermenai Annie; 2 Aimee Holmes, Sardis Copper Girl. Riding club horse: 1 C Taylor; 2 E Henderson, Royaltos Puzzled Storm-Grace; 3 Kirsten Pearce, Joey.

Inhand – Condition and turnout: 1 Lorna Calder, Ballinglen Caoimhe Pet; 2 Natalie Macdonald, Cairn's Nena. Youngstock: 1 V Shearer, Lythmore Limited Edition; 2 Tony Birdsall, Chubarry Chazz. Coloured: S McAdie. Cob type: 1 S McAdie; 2 E Henderson, Beinn Nan Coireags Rosie. Over 14.2hh: 1 M Mackenzie, Atlantic Tiffany; 2 Ashley Anderson, Fairlawn Zara; 3 Lauren Ross, Minyfford Eduardo. Veteran: 1 R MacGregor; 2 L Gray; 3 Courtney Adamson, Rangehill September Morn; 4 Lisa Allan, Strothersdale Lord of the Glen; 5 Ellen Finnigan, Eiger Grundy. Under 14.2hh: 1 L Kennedy, Shanrye Finley; 2 K Smith; 3 E Mackenzie; 4 A Dunnett. M&M small breeds: 1 E Pottinger; 2 Aimee Holmes; 3 E Finnigan. M&M large breeds: 1 M Mackenzie, Llynhelyg Lady Cilla; 2 Fearne McCarthy, Bailey; 3 N Macdonald; 4 E Mackenzie; 5 L Sutherland; 6 A Dunnett.

Working hunter: Senior – 55cm: A Macdonald, Sergeant Pepper. 60-70cm: 1 S Aitken; 2 M Cameron; 3 Alison Wild, Cookie Bain; 4 N Manson. 75-85: 1, L Wilson; 2, E Mackenzie; 3 M Gillon; 4 Ruth Alexander, Greannanstown Soolmoy Harry. 90-100cm: 1 M Gillon; 2 Jordan Crawford, Future King. 105-110cm: J Crawford. Junior – 55cm: 1 L Kennedy, Popalbee Minnie Mouse; 2 L Gray. 60-70cm: 1 F McCarthy; 2 L Kennedy, Shanrye Finley; 3 Emily Campbell, Campion Celebration; 4 L Mackenzie, Wee Vintage Abbie. 75-85cm: 1 F McCarthy; 2 L Mackenzie, Llanidan Bonheddwr; 3 E Campbell, Mockbeggar Rich Tea; 4 L Oag, Trendy Lexus. 90-100cm: 1 E Mackenzie; 2 E Campbell, Mockbeggar Rich Tea; 3 L Oag, Candy Reign; 4 D Sinclair.

Showjumping – Leadrein: 1 R MacGregor; 2 A Cameron; 3 E Pottinger. 55cm: 1 L Gray; 2 Aimee Holmes; 3 K Smith. 65cm: 1 M Cameron; 2 R Alexander, Fawkes, 3 L Mackenzie, Wee Vintage Annie; 4 C Taylor; 5 E Finnigan, Mills of Eden. 75cm: 1 Alysha Holmes, Abermenai Annie; 2 V Shearer, Rosie, 3 C Taylor; 4 E Henderson, Beinn Nan Coreags Rosie. 85cm: 1 Alysha Holmes, Drumroe Rory; 2 Erin Hewitson, Cloontuskert Orga Mist, 3 A Wild; 4 D Sinclair. 95cm: 1, E Hewitson; 2 D Sinclair; 3 L Oag; 4 J Crawford. 105cm: 1 J Crawford; 2 L Oag.

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