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Donald hits best combination again in Wick darts league

By Staff Reporter- NOSN

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The Seaforth club entertained Queen's “2” in this week's top match in Wick and District Darts League, and that man again Kevin Donald had the best winning legs in a 3-0 victory with 20, 19, 19 darters.

David Bain had the quickest leg on 15 darts. This match ended all square.

Seaview remain unbeaten after a hard-fought win over Harper's “B”.

Castletown lost out yet again versus the Queen's, while the return of Alec Clark was not enough for the Park Hotel as they went back to Thurso empty-handed from their encounter with Smiddy Inn.

In the second tier, two Smiddy sides won with Michael Sinclair hitting the highest outshot on 140. Harper's “C” were edged out by Michael Mowat's John O'Groats outfit.

Elsewhere there were wins for Sinclair Bay and leaders Harper's.

The ladies' games were both close affairs with victories for the Queen's and Sinclair Bay.

There were some tidy outshots – Freda Perry with 89, Ann Begg 87 and Abigail Duncan 81.

This Saturday the Angus Ross memorial trophies will be contested and a good attendance is anticipated.

Results – Ladies: Seaview 3 Queen's 5; Sinclair Bay 5 Camps 3.

Men's Division One: Seaview 5 Harper's “B” 3; Queen's 5 Castletown 3; Smiddy Inn 6 Park 2; Seaforth 4 Queen's “2” 4.

Division Two: Comm 2 Sinclair Bay 6; Smiddy “2” 8 Smiddy “4” 0; Norseman 3 Smiddy “3” 5; Harper's “C” 3 Seaview “B” 5; Smiddy “2” 3 Harper's 5.

Maximums (10): Richard Thain (Smiddy Inn) (2), Sandy Mackay (Norseman), Eean Ronaldson (Sinclair Bay), Duncan Winfield (Comm), Liam Miller (Smiddy “2”), Martin Nicolson (Harper's “B”), Dave Alexander (Smiddy Inn), David Bain (Seaforth), Stewart Tait (Seaview).

Checkouts: Michael Sinclair (Smiddy “3”) 140, Calum Shearer (Seaview) 116, Alec Clark (Park) 110, Ali Simpson (Castletown) 108, Colin New (Smiddy “3”) 105, Liam Miller (Smiddy “2”), Kevin Macgregor (Seaview) 104.

Ladies: Abigail Duncan (Sinclair Bay) and Meganne Shearer (Seaview) both 140.

This season so far there have been 81 maximums, with Seaforth club's Ronnie Plowman leading the way with seven. He is followed by Smiddy Inn's Richard Thain on five, then Seaview's James Davidson and Martin Nicolson of Harper's “B” on four each.

There have been 40-ton plus checkouts with Plowman and David Miller both hitting 155

Most prolific is David “Tucker” Bain with four: 116, 115, 112, 100.

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