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Mart Prices – Quoybrae, Aberdeen and Northern Marts

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QUOYBRAE, Aberdeen and Northern Marts on September 13 sold 2377 prime and store sheep.

Prime lambs (449) averaged 218.7p per kg to 238.6p for 44kg Texels from Cruithn, Tofts.

Ewe lambs (249) averaged £80.51 and sold to £150 for Cheviot Lambs from Lynton Cottage.

Store lambs (1679) averaged £75.48 to £98 for Suffolks from Curlew, Mybster.

“With a quality consignment of well-bred lambs forward all breeds exceeded sellers expectations."

Leading prices per head and kg

Prime lambs:

Tex – Hollyview £112, Myrelandhorn (Miller), Bower £110, Thirdpart 228.7p; Chev – Greenvale, Dunnet £109, West Greenland 218.6p; Suff – Smithyhouse, Bilbster £109, Blackpark Watten 225.6p; TexX- Tofts of Tain, Castletown, Newlands of Geise £109, Stitley 228.7p; Cont – Thirdpart, Stitley £107.50, 232.2p; SufX – Thirdpart £107, Garradhu 223.3p; Cont – Cruithi £106, Stitley 228.6p; Chv – Seater, Cansibay £105, West Greenland 221.4p.

Ewe Lambs:

Texel – West Point, Mid-Kiess £112, PLocan £110, West Point £100; Chev – Burnside, Canisbay £83, The Ha, Auckengill £82, Old Stirkoke £81; Continental – Plocan, Calder £85, Mossgiel, Achalone £81; Suffolk – Lingland Croft, Lingland £81.50.

Store Lambs:

Suf – Curlew £98, Athenry £91, Roadside, Killimster £87; Tex – Curlew £98, Latheron Mains £90.50, West Point, West Bardnatua £90; Bel – Upper Clayock, Halkirk £89, An Cala, Gills £84.50; TexX – North Calder £89, Mid Calder, Brabsterdorran £88; Dor- Gansclett £88.50; NCC – Lynton Cottage £87.50; Sufx – Myrelandhorn £86, Balbeg £85; Belx – Inkstack, Barrock (Mackenzie) £81; Chv – Burnside £80.50, Balbeg, Spittal £77.50, Linlgland Croft £76; BlueTexel – Larkins, Upper Lybster £78; HB – Myrelandhorn £74.50; Cont – Mossgiel £70.50, Gansclett £70; BF – Bruan Park £59.

Earlier, on September 6, Quoybrae, Aberdeen and Northern Marts sold 957 store cattle at their anniversary show and sale.

Champion in the Harbro and W & A Geddes Ltd sponsored show and sale judged by Arnott Coghill, Skinnet, Halkirk was a 604kg Simmental cross bullock from W Barnetson & Sons, Lynegar, Watten and sold for £1,500 to Backmuir Livestock, Keith.

Reserve was a 669kg Charolais cross bullock from A & W Campbell, 5 West Murkle, Thurso and sold for £1,540 also to Backmuir Livestock.

Bullocks (415) averaged 233.8p per kg to 261.3p for a pen of 331kg Limousin Crosses from from Spittal Mains and £1,645 gross for a 745kg Limousin Cross from D A Budge, Brae Edge

Heifers (468) averaged 229.6p to 257.6p for a pen of 458kg Limousin Crosses from Glengolly Farm, Thurso and £1,480 gross for a 576kg Simmental Cross from 5 West Murkle.

Aberdeen Angus & Native Bred Bullocks (45) averaged 221.4p per kg to 245.3p for a pen of 428kg from Achscrabster and £1,390 gross for a 674kg from 5 Upper Dounreay

Aberdeen Angus & Native Bred Heifers (29) averaged 219.2p per kg to 262.9p for a pen of 388kg from Backlass, Watten and £1,100 gross for a pen of 477kg from The Crofts, North Watten.

Overall a show of well bred and present cattle were forward, a credit to the producers. A top of £1,640 was a achieved for a Charolais Steer consigned by A W Campbell, Bullenie. With a overall sale average of £1,101.27 per head.

Leading prices per head and per kg

Bullocks up to 350kg – Spittal Mains (Limx) £865, 234.4p

351-400kg: Keiss Mains (Chax) £1000, 257.1p

401-450kg: Newlands of Geise (Chax) £1150, Granton Mains (Limx) 260.3p

451-500kg: Smerral, Bower (Limx) £1240, Achscrabster 255.3p

501-550kg: Thirdpart (Limx) £1320 New House Oust Farm (Cha)249.5p

551-600kg: Tresdale Canisbay (BRB) £1380, Lynegar (Sim) 245.9p

601-650kg: Lynegar (Sim) £1445, 248.3p

651-700kg: 5 West Murkle £1560, (Cha) 232.8p

701-750kg: Bullenie (Cha) £1640, Brae Edge (Limx) 223.4p

Heifers up to 350kg: Tongside (Cha) £845, 255.3p

351-400kg: Granton Mains (Limx) £915, Tongside (Cha) 240.5p

401-450kg: Glengolly Farm (Cha) £1105, Farmhouse, Oust Farm (Cha) 255.5p

451-500kg: West Lyth Farm (Cha) £1250, 254.1p

501-550kg: Thura Mains (Cha) £1345, 5 West Murkle (Cha) 256.5p

551-600kg: Lynegar (Cha) £1380, 5 West Murkle (Sim) 256.9p

601-650kg: Lynegar (Cha) £1400, 228p

Aberdeen Angus Bullocks up to 400kg: Backlass £905, 243.3p

401-450kg: Achscrabster £1050, 226.8p

451-500kg: Backlass £1110 234.3p

501-550kg: 5 West Murkle £1160, 223.5p

551-600kg: Wester £1285, 232.4p

601-650kg: Smerral £1360, 221p

Aberdeen Angus Heifers up to 400kg: Backlasss £1020

401-450kg: Backlass £1000 233.3p

451-500kg: Backlass £1050, North Watten 230.6p

Prize List

Single Bullock

1st & Champion – W Barnetson & Sons, Lynegar 604kg £1500

2nd & Reserve Champion – A & W Campbell, 5 West Murkle 669kg £1540

3rd – D G Kennedy, Tresdale 569kg £1380

Single Heifer

1st – W Barnetson & Sons 614kg £1400

2nd – D G Kennedy 512kg £1280

Pair of Bullocks

1st – A & W Campbell 676kg £1560

2nd – A & W Campbell 670kg £1560

3rd – A & W Campbell 581kg £1325

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