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Artist in the Spotlight - Lisa Weller

By SPP Reporter

Reflections at Ackergill.
Reflections at Ackergill.

Painter Lisa Weller (33) gets inspired by the great outdoors

Where do you live / how long have you been in Caithness for?

I live in Wick and have been here nearly two years. Originally from Brighton.

How did you become an artist (maybe you always have been) / are you self-taught or have you studied in a particular field?

I have always been creative but after graduating I followed a corporate route and worked as an IT project manager, which is so far removed from who I am. So I decided to follow my heart in my late 20s and pursue the creative path and I have never been happier! I am trained in photography and have led photography workshops in London and this photographic style heavily influences my painting. My painting technique is self-taught and I mainly use the three primaries and white and mix all of my colours from these.

Have you exhibited your work / where?

I have exhibited in galleries in Brighton and Sussex and now exhibit at Caithness Horizons in Thurso and local art shows. I have just delivered some canvases to a gallery in Aberdeen. I sell my postcard canvases at markets and art fayres.

What inspires / motivates you?

Nature. I love being outdoors and that is where I will get all of my inspiration. The sea features heavily in my work and I am always drawn to water as I see it as being a spiritual element.

But lately I am being drawn more and more to trees so it is interesting to see where that is leading me.

Flowing through the Forest.
Flowing through the Forest.

Are there common themes in your work / what are they?

If a painting does not reflect natural light then I feel that the painting isn’t alive, it’s too flat. When I am outdoors I will look for the way light is filtering through leaves or shimmering on the water. I always try to capture that light which is a challenge in itself because light is always moving and changing!

Who is your favourite artist and why?

I am a traditionalist so I love the impressionists. Monet emulates light in nature in a way that makes you feel the heat of the sun and the breeze in your face. It’s the impression of light that is important, not the exact replication of the scene.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

I was commissioned by my local MP when I was in Brighton and this painting now hangs in his office in the Houses of Parliament!

Which work are you most proudest of and why?

All of them I guess. There are some that I think could always be better but I am a work in progress, so my paintings reflect this!

What are your hopes for the future?

To paint pictures that bring peace and joy to the viewer and to continue teaching workshops where people learn the creative joys of painting. I have a website and a Facebook page so please feel free to check out my work – www.lisawellerart.co.uk Facebook – Lisa Weller Art.

Painter Lisa Weller (33) gets inspired by the great outdoors

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