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Admitting to your mistakes is the only way to go

By Contributor

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FOOD FOR THOUGHT by Howard Stone, minister of Castletown and Community Free Church

Recently there have been calls for the Prime Minister to resign. He has admitted that he had joined colleagues for drinks in the Downing Street garden on May 20, 2020, for around 25 minutes to thank them for their work during the pandemic. Boris has said that he believed it to be a work event. Understandably, many throughout the country are furious that, while the rest of the country was abiding by the lockdown rules – some, consequently, being denied access to dying loved-ones – Mr Johnson was enjoying a party on the lawn of No.10. And some have accused our leader of lying about what happened.

Boris’s behaviour is a reminder that owning up is something we all find difficult. One of the hardest things to say is: “What I did was wrong. I should not have done it. I am sorry.” Our pride means that we don’t want to admit failure. It’s easier to find an excuse. “But if only you hadn’t...” Or to plead ignorance. “But I didn’t realise...” Frankly acknowledging our fault may be humbling but is actually better for our relationships with others.

That’s also true for our relationship with God. What actually took place at Downing Street is to be investigated by a senior civil servant. The Lord doesn’t need to investigate my wrongs or yours. He already knows. In fact, he knows everything. So denials or excuses are futile. What God respects is an honest admission of guilt. And to those who ‘come clean’ – whatever evil we’ve done – he promises forgiveness, for the sake of Jesus.

So confess your faults to God – he knows them anyway – and he’ll remove guilt and give you his peace.

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