Lybster hosts Qigong workshop

Published: Sat 04 Jul 2015


A ONE day workshop in an ancient Chinese health care system that uses physical postures and breathing techniques is to be held in Lybster.

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Hundreds get off their marks for Castle of Mey 10k

Published: Sat 30 May 2015

MEY in May usually only means one thing as hundreds of runners arrived within the grounds of the royal castle to take part in the most famous race in Caithness. A total of 445 people participated in the

Ladies say 'bye' to dream Scottish Cup tie

Published: Thu 07 May 2015

Caithness Ladies will be looking for their first ever win in the Scottish Cup.

CAITHNESS Ladies FC's historic first ever Scottish Cup tie at home has been scrapped after opponents United Glasgow confirmed they have pulled out of the tournament.

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Dunnet Beach

Reader Dan Malcolm took this shot of Dunnet beach in the early afternoon on Sunday December 29.

Dunnet Beach

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