Jury find Thurso man guilty of assault

Wick Sheriff Court was told of cannabis growing operation in Lybster.

A THURSO man has been found guilty of assaulting a former partner after an eight-day jury trial. Five other charges against 50-year-old John Lamont were not proven.

Launch of boat 'an act of faith' in future

Published: Thu 30 Jun 2016

The new Boy Andrew berthed at the harbour ready to be towed to Denmark.

THE first new white fishing boat to enter service in Caithness in years has been launched at a Poland shipyard and now is being towed to Denmark to be fitted out.

Tickets for Wick wrestling show up for grabs


Published: Wed 29 Jun 2016


North of Scotland Newspapers is giving you the chance to win one of five pairs of free tickets to a professional wrestling show being staged in Wick on Saturday.

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Thurso's Stephanie strikes double gold

Published: Fri 17 Jun 2016

Stephanie Eyers won two gold medals at the North of Scotland Schools Championships.

THURSO teenager Stephanie Eyers may have thrown herself into the Scottish Schools athletics squad after she made her mark in shot put and javelin.

Your Caithness

Dunnet Beach

Reader Dan Malcolm took this shot of Dunnet beach in the early afternoon on Sunday December 29.

Dunnet Beach

Salmon on Loch More

It look a major leap of faith by this salmon to clear the main sluice gates on Loch More. Reader Annemarie Dunnet, of Kestrel View, Lyth took the stunning shot on Thursday of last week.

Salmon on Loch More

Early morning view towards Weydale

Reader Brian Milligan took this early morning view towards Weydale last week from near his home in Hilliclay.

Early morning view towards Weydale

Clythness Lighthouse

Clythness Lighthouse, which was permanently discontinued by the Northern Lighthouse Board on March 18, 2010, by Willie Mackay, of Oldhall.

Clythness Lighthouse


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