Housebreaking reported at Wick

Plans are in the pipeline to create a new police hostel in the grounds of a hospital in Wick.

POLICE in Wick are appealing for witnesses following a housebreaking in the South Head area of the town. Around 2am on Thursday morning entry was forced to the property and a three figure sum of cash taken.

Several cars broken into in Thurso

Published: Thu 08 Dec 2016


POLICE in Thurso are investigating several reports of items being stolen from unlocked vehicles, parked at various locations across the town.

TV series relives murder with Caithness link

Published: Tue 06 Dec 2016

The show will be broadcast on STV at 9pm on Wednesday night.

A TV series into the life of one of Scotland's most notorious mass murderers will bring back memories for people who knew three of the victims when they lived in Caithness.

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Hat-trick Mackay helps Wick beat Keith

Published: Sat 12 Nov 2016

Sam Mackay scored twice in the 4-0 win against Strathspey Thistle.

SAM Mackay scored a hat-trick to make it nine goals in his last three games as Wick Academy won their first league game at home since the opening day of the campaign.

Your Caithness

Dunnet Beach

Reader Dan Malcolm took this shot of Dunnet beach in the early afternoon on Sunday December 29.

Dunnet Beach

Salmon on Loch More

It look a major leap of faith by this salmon to clear the main sluice gates on Loch More. Reader Annemarie Dunnet, of Kestrel View, Lyth took the stunning shot on Thursday of last week.

Salmon on Loch More

Early morning view towards Weydale

Reader Brian Milligan took this early morning view towards Weydale last week from near his home in Hilliclay.

Early morning view towards Weydale

Clythness Lighthouse

Clythness Lighthouse, which was permanently discontinued by the Northern Lighthouse Board on March 18, 2010, by Willie Mackay, of Oldhall.

Clythness Lighthouse

John O'Groats Harbour Day

Three lifeboats and a search-and-rescue helicopter are captured in this image taken at the recent John O'Groats Harbour Day. Thurso, Wick and Longhope lifeboats, together with the Shetland Coastguard helicopter, were involved in a mock rescue exercise off the harbour. The picture was taken by C. Ryan, Thurso.

John O'Groats Harbour Day


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