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Young Rachel MacGregor rides to success at Caithness Pony Club show

By Jean Gunn

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Six-year-old Rachel MacGregor and Forlan Honey Dundandy looking very happy with themselves after a successful day at Caithness Branch of the Pony Club's open show.
Six-year-old Rachel MacGregor and Forlan Honey Dundandy looking very happy with themselves after a successful day at Caithness Branch of the Pony Club's open show.

Six-year-old Rachel MacGregor had an amazing day at the local branch of the Pony Club's open show achieving the most points overall.

Her pony Forlan Honey Dundandy was selected as the champion in the best Pony Club pony class and the partnership, led by mum Cat, came first in the lead-rein showjumping and second in both the lead-rein showing and working hunter sections, as well as the handy pony competition.

Held at Netherton Farm, Bilbster, by permission of the Miller family, on Saturday, July 31, the show attracted a good number of entrants with standards on the day very high.

Judges were Lorna Calder, turnout, Sam Winn, ridden, with Shona Wallace in charge of the working hunter ring and Rosie Buchanan putting the entrants in the Pony Club pony and handy pony sections through their paces.

The overall ridden horse title went to Russell Skelton with his Hoys bound cob Kincullen Moonstone, with reserve going to Morven Mackenzie, on Atlantic Tiffany. Taking the ridden pony championship was Kira Fraser riding Llwyngell Llywelyn, while reserve was Leoni Kennedy on Shanrye Finley. They were also reserve in the working hunter pony section.

In the working hunter ring the horse championship was won by Eve Nicoll, riding her own Dynast with reserve going to Lauren Oag and Candy Reign, while Hoys winner Coco Bongo, ridden by Jess Calder, took the working hunter pony title. The mini championship went to Liam Mackenzie on Llanidan Bonheddwr, with Ailsa Coghill on her cousin's pony Popalbee Minnie Mouse reserve.

Young Isla Miller from Lyth was crowned the handy pony champion riding Silver, with Lucy Gray and Corrie runners-up, and the reserve Pony Club pony title went to Ava Bain and Ballagh Banjo.


Condition and turnout: 1 Erica Pottinger, Beonnly Another Cherry; 2 Leoni Kennedy, Shanrye Finley; 3 Aimee Holmes, Sardis Copper Girl;

4 Rachel MacGregor, Forlan Honey Dundandy; 5 Isla Miller, Spencer.

Ridden Classes – Lead-rein: 1 Ailsa Coghill, Popalbee Minnie Mouse; 2 R MacGregor; 3 Rosie Streight, Marenka; 4 Poppy Ross, Orkney's Penny Lane. First ridden: 1 Jessica Rendall, Raithill Bodicea; 2 Ava Bain, Ballagh Banjo; 3 E Pottinger; 4 Aimee Holmes. Not exceeding 12.2hh: 1 A Bain; 2 Lucy Gray, Corrie; 3 Ellie-Mae Bain, Tiger-Lily; 4 I Miller, Silver. M&M small breeds: 1 J Rendall; 2 Aimee Holmes; 3 P Ross. N/E 13.2hh: 1 L Kennedy; 2 Liam Mackenzie, Llanidan Bonheddwr; 3 Alysha Holmes, Abermenai Annie; 4 Kloe Smith, Rocky.

N/E 14.2hh: 1 Erin Mackenzie, Rhoswen Glyndwr; 2 Kira Fraser, Llwyngell Llywelyn; 3 L Mackenzie , Wee Vintage Abbie; 4 Erin Hewitson, Cloontuskert Orga Mist; 5 Danielle Sinclair, Leahs Cruz; 6 Morven Mackenzie, Llynhelyg Lady Cilla. M&M large breeds: 1 K Fraser, 2 E Mackenzie; 3 Fearne McCarthy, Bailey; 4 L Mackenzie, Llanidan Bonheddwr; 5 E Hewitson; 6 M Mackenzie. Mixed height coloured horse/pony: 1 Carrie Wilson, Champagne Lady; 2 Lauren Ross, Seamrog; 3 K Smith. Horse/pony aged 4-5 years: 1 Lynne Sutherland, Duncrave Laddie; 2 Lauren Oag, Candy Reign.

Veteran horse/pony (15 years and over): 1 L Gray; 2 R Streight. Cob type: 1 Russell Skelton, Kincullen Moonstone; 2 F McCarthy; 3 E Bain; 4 L Ross. N/E 15.2hh: 1 R Skelton ; 2 Alison Wild, Cookie Bain; 3 Lara-Jane Wilson, Instack Notorious. Exceeding 15.2hh: 1 Eve Nicoll, Dynast; 2 M Mackenzie, Atlantic Tiffany. Hunter: 1 M Mackenzie; 2 E Nicoll; 3 Mary Miller, Poppy; 4 L Wilson; 5 Kirsten Pearce, Just Joey.

Working Hunter horse – 70cm: 1 A Wild; 2 Sophie Robertson, Bella Maye; 3 Susan McAdie, Champagne Lady; 4 K Pearce 85cm (PC members): 1 L Oag; 2 M Mackenzie. 85cm (open): 1 E Nicoll; 2 Ruth Alexander, Greannanstown Soolmoy Harry; 3 E Mackenzie; 4 A Wild; 6 Jordan Crawford, Future King.100cm (PC members): 1 L Oag; 2 M Mackenzie. 100cm (open): 1 M Miller; 2 J Crawford; 3 E Nicoll; 4 E Mackenzie.

Working Hunter pony – Lead-rein: 1 A Coghill; 2 R MacGregor; 3 Emily Rendall, Cumliebank Janetta Rose; 4 R Streight; 5 P Ross. Cradle Stakes: 1 L Gray; 2 A Bain; 3 E Pottinger, Microchip. Nursery Stakes: 1 L Mackenzie, Llanidan Bonheddwr; 2 L Kennedy, Popalbee Minnie Mouse; 3 E Bain; 4 I Miller, Silver. 60cm: 1 E Bain; 2 L Kennedy, Shanrye Finley; 3 Aimee Homes, Abermenai Annie; 4 L Mackenzie, Wee Vintage Abbie; 5 M Mackenzie, Llynhelyg Lady Cilla. 70cm: 1 L Kennedy; 2 L Mackenzie. 80cm: 1 Jess Calder, Coco Bongo; 2 F McCarthy; 3 D Sinclair; 4 Alysha Holmes, Abermenai Annie; 5 E Hewitson. 95cm: 1 J Calder; 2 Alysha Homes, Drumroe Rory; 3 D Sinclair; 4 F McCarthy; 5 E Hewitson.

Handy pony – Lead-rein 1 E Rendall; 2 R MacGregor; 3 R Streight. Under 14.2 hh: 1 I Miller, Silver; 2 L Gray; 3 A Bain; 4 J Rendall; 5 E Pottinger, Beonnly Another Cherry; 4 Aimee Holmes, Sardis Copper Girl.

Best Pony Club pony – Lead-rein: 1 R MacGregor; 2 E Rendall. Under 14.2hh: 1 A Bain; 2 E Pottinger, Microchip; 3 E Bain; 4 A Holmes; 5 L Gray; 6 K Smith.

Showjumping – 60cm (junior): 1 L Kennedy, Shanrye Finley; 2 L Kennedy, Popalbee Minnie Mouse; 3 L Mackenzie, Wee Vintage Abbie; 4 M Mackenzie, Llynhelyg Lady Cilla; 5 L Gray. 70cm (senior): R Alexander, Fawkes. 80cm (junior): 1 L Mackenzie Llanidan Bonheddwr; 2 M Mackenzie, Atlantic Tiffany. 80cm (senior): 1 E Mackenzie; 2 A Wild; 3 Sophie Robertson; 4 L Wilson; 5 R Alexander, Fawkes. 90cm: 1 E Mackenzie; 2 D Sinclair; 3 L Oag; 4 E Hewitson; 5 Alysha Holmes, Drumroe Rory.

95cm: 1 L Oag; 2 J Crawford; 3 E Hewitson; 4 D Sinclair; 5 A Holmes. 105cm: 1 M Miller; 2 J Crawford. Lead-rein: 1 R MacGregor; 2 A Coghill; 3 E Rendall; 4 R Streight. 40cm (mini starters): 1 K Smith; 2 J Rendall; 3 E Pottinger, Microchip; 4 E Pottinger, Beonnly Another Cherry. 50cm: 1 L Gray; 2 E Pottinger, Microchip; 3 J Rendall; 4 E Bain; 5 K Smith; 6 I Miller.

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