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Wick Old Stagers 'A' in top spot as Caithness rifle league returns

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Caithness Small Bore Rifle Association has restarted after a year's break due to the pandemic. All clubs are now shooting with Covid restrictions and mitigations in place.

Wick Old Stagers "A" lead the way in Division One, two points ahead of Pentland "A" and Halkirk "A".

Wick Old Stagers "B" are two points clear of the Bogey score in the second division, while Westfield "A" are top of Division Three with the same points tally as the Bogey but a better aggregate.

Division Four sees Stirkoke "C" in first place, two points ahead of Banff and Macduff "B", and in the fifth division the Bogey has top spot but with Westfield "B" just two points behind.

Round four had four shooters with the maximum score of 100 – R B Campbell (Halkirk), J Henderson (Watten) and S Webster (Stirkoke) in Division One and B Spence (Orkney) in Division Two.

The first round of the Junior Individual League produced a three-way tie in Division One with R Levack (Halkirk), D Mowat (Pentland) and S Richard (Pentland) all on two points, with Levack having the best aggregate of six.

Division Two in the Junior Individual League also has a three-way tie at the top, with J Taylor (Westfield) leading S Campbell (Halkirk) and L Taylor (Westfield) by a better aggregate of seven points.

Results (shots dropped):

Division One: Halkirk "A" 7, Wick Old Stagers "A” 7. Individual scores – Halkirk: R B Campbell 0, J G Campbell 1, J Fraser 2, W A Campbell 4. Wick Old Stagers: H Simpson 1, S Nicolson 2, D Simpson 2, B Young 2.

Stirkoke "A" 8, Pentland “A” 8. Individual scores – Stirkoke: S Webster 0, G Robertson 1, R Innes 3, I Sutherland 4. Pentland: G Begg 1, R L O Brown 2, D Mowat 2, P Richard 3.

Watten "A" 12, Banff and Macduff "A" 16. Individual scores – Watten: J Henderson 0, S Henderson 2, D Bremner 5, S Mackay 5. Banff and Macduff: L Thomson 1, W A Copland 2, R Murray 6, D Innes 7.

Division Two: Wick Old Stagers "B” 14, Dingwall 24. Individual scores – Wick Old Stagers: A W Paul 2, L Macdonald 4, S S Nicolson 4, G Sutherland 4. Dingwall: B Mackintosh 2, R C Meiklejohn 4, R H Meiklejohn 6, H Meiklejohn 12.

Bogey (18) beat Orkney 22. Individual scores – Orkney: B Spence 0, D Sinclair 4, A W Purchon 9, C Duncan 9.

Dallas 29, Watten "B" 34. Individual scores – Dallas: K Sutherland 3, G Sutherland 7, J Anderson 7, N Sutherland 12. Watten: B Mackay 3, G Bremner 6, D Thomson Jnr 8, D Thomson 17.

Division Three: Clachnacuddin “A” 12, Pentland “B” 31. Individual scores – Clachnacuddin: S Bunn 2, G Smith 3, S Stanyer 3, W Allan 4. Pentland: A Cowe 6, J Coghill 8, W D Mowat 8, P Gates 9.

Westfield “A” 19 beat Bogey (22). Individual scores – Westfield: M Mackay 2, G A Mackay 3, M Mackenzie 4, M Sutherland 10.

Stirkoke “B” 23, Halkirk “B” 26. Individual scores – Stirkoke: M Mackay 2, G A Mackay 3, M Mackenzie 4, M Sutherland 10. Halkirk: S Blackwood 3, G G Levack 4, T Hawes 6, S Yuille 13.

Top score in Division Three was 98 shot by M Mackay (Westfield).

Division Four: Stirkoke "C" 23, Banff & Macduff “B” 28. Individual scores – Stirkoke: J Cameron 4, D G Henderson 4, G Cameron 5, J Hendry 10. Banff and Macduff: J Ross 4, L G Thomson 7, M Zugaj 7, J Lorimer 10.

Nairn 31, Wick Old Stagers “C” 60. Individual scores – Nairn: D Smith 6, M Maclennan 6, I Macpherson 9, S Murray 10. Wick Old Stagers: C Ronaldson 8, N Hodgson 13, A Harper 14, A Tait 25.

Pentland “C” 34 beat Bogey (35). Individual scores – Pentland: W D Steven 4, S Richard 9, Dan Mowat 9, A Cormack 12.

Top score in Division Four was 96 shot by G Cameron (Stirkoke), W D Steven (Pentland) and J Ross (Banff and Macduff).

Division Five: Clachnacuddin “B” 44, Stirkoke “D” 49. Individual scores – Clachnacuddin: N Macleod 7, D Reid 9, J Matherson 13, R Mcintosh 15. Stirkoke: D Henderson 5, H Hendry 6, A Webster 9, D Innes 29.

Westfield “B” 49, Pentland “D” 138. Individual scores – Westfield: D Macaskill 9, A Jappy 9, C Mowat 15, L Calder 16. Pentland: C Cormack 6, R Steven 14, H Gunn 18, NCR 100.

Bogey (52) beat Halkirk “C” 136. Individual scores – Halkirk: R Levack 6, R Sutherland 9, S Campbell 21, NCR 100.

Top score in Division Five was 95 shot by D Henderson (Stirkoke).

Junior Individual League, Division One – Individual scores: R Levack (Halkirk) 6, I Simpson (Wick Old Stagers) 8; D Mowat (Pentland) 8, C Mowat (Westfield) 10; S Richard (Pentland) 15, Bogey 16.

The best score in the juniors' Division One was 94 shot by R Levack (Halkirk).

Junior Individual League, Division Two – Individual scores: J Taylor (Westfield) 7, R Sutherland (Halkirk) 9; S Campbell (Halkirk) 16, Bogey 25; L Taylor (Westfield) 27, A Bremner (Halkirk) 100.

The best score in the juniors' Division Two was 93 shot by J Taylor (Westfield).

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