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Erin Hewitson (3) takes BHS show’s veteran championship

By SPP Reporter

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Ridden horse champion Ruth Sutherland (left) on The Puzzlemaster, along with reserve champion Lisa Kennedy on Stemster Millenium Bug. Photo: www.jamesgunn.co.uk
Ridden horse champion Ruth Sutherland (left) on The Puzzlemaster, along with reserve champion Lisa Kennedy on Stemster Millenium Bug. Photo: www.jamesgunn.co.uk

LOCAL businesses turned up trumps to help make this year’s British Horse Society show a success, with a good number of entries coming forward to enjoy the day.

Recent wet weather meant that the event required a last-minute change of venue and fortunately the Henderson family, owners of Northfield Livery Centre, stepped in to provide a perfect site.

Hosted by BHS Highland (North) earlier this month, the show received generous sponsorship from a number of Caithness enterprises, which meant that there was a plentiful supply of rosettes and trophies.

One of the youngest riders of the day, three-year-old Erin Hewitson, of Watten, took the overall veteran championship with the 16-year-old pony mare Eddiston Little Springtime, which she currently has on loan.

Winning the trophy for the BHS member with the most points on the day was Alex Henderson, of Northfield, while the ridden championship went to Ruth Sutherland with her coloured horse, Puzzlemaster. Taking the top-working-hunter title was Gillian McArthur riding Supreme Diamond Edge. Champion in both the in-hand section and turnout classes was Ashley Miller’s Littleton Princess.

Results – Turnout – Ridden plaited, sponsored by Caithness Stone Industries: 1, Lorna Calder, Firestone Lady; 2, Sylvia Stewart, Reisgill Ruby; 3, Emma Mackay, Sunrising Monopoly; 4, Erin Hewitson, Eddiston Little Springtime; 5, Lyn Kennedy, New Time. Best member: L. Calder.

Ridden unplaited, sponsored by the Waterfront: 1, Alexandra Henderson, Tillyochie Tom; 2, Ashley Miller, Free Spirit III; 3, Tracey Mason, Durris Golden Sovereign; 4, Emma Gunn, Skellorn Royal Portrait; 5, Emma Florence, Param Corrie; 6, Avril Cormack, Billy Elliot. Best member: A. Henderson.

In-hand plaited, sponsored by Wick Laundry: 1, A. Miller, Littleton’s Princess; 2, A. Miller, Archwood Flash Dance; 3, Caitlin Bissett, Eddiston May-Bee; 4, Lynne Sutherland, Bencorrogh Golden Phoenix; 5, Alisa MacDonald, Smartie The Sugar Plum Fairy. Best member: L. Sutherland.

In-hand unplaited, sponsored by Caithness Beef, Pork and Lamb: 1, Eileen Ryrie, Rory; 2, June Campbell, Jake; 3, H. & J. Florence, Biaegwen Mr Red; 4, A. MacDonald, Charlie. Best member: E. Ryrie.

Sandeels Bay Memorial Trophy for champion turnout: A. Miller, Littleton’s Princess. Reserve: A. Henderson.

Working hunter – Open over 15hh: 1, Gillian McArthur, Supreme Diamond Edge; 2, Vivian MacDonald, Electra Van De Breemeersen. Best Member: G. McArthur. Open pony: 1, C. Bissett, Bradmoor Tess; 2, Sophia Ramsøy, Blair’s Cody.

Intermediate (over 15hh), sponsored by Precision Blinds: 1, Ruth Sutherland, Playboy II; 2, Bridget Holt, Baleroo; 3, Iona Cameron, Cantica; 4, Ruth Alexander, Treasure Island; 5, Barbara Cowan, Ballyglass Boy. Best member: R. Sutherland.

Intermediate (not exceeding 15hh), sponsored by Network Refrigeration: 1, C. Bissett, Eddiston May-Bee; 2, S. Ramsøy, Durran Pablo; 3, Hayley Florence, Crackerjack; 4, Lisa Kennedy, Stemster Millenium Bug; 5, Meegan Anderson, Rocheby Storm. Best Member: L. Kennedy.

Novice (over 15hh): 1, Tamara Inness, Rhasgarreg Dewin; 2, Bronwyn Ross, Mulingar’s Boy; 3, Roshine MacSween, Clifton’s Ace; 4, Michelle Matheson, Tahatan). Best member: R. MacSween. Winner of the Axel Memorial Cup: T. Inness.

Novice (not exceeding 15hh): 1, A. Miller, Free Spirit III; 2, Laura Stewart, Monalour Boy; 3, Caitlin Flavell, The Rustler; 4, Chloe Mackay, Waupshill It’s A Breeze; 5, Alex Manson, Cheyenne; 6, Andreas Ramsøy, Mistletoe. Best member: L. Stewart.

Native: 1 and best member: A. Henderson. Cradle stakes: 1, Emily Flavell, Fifeshill Corrie; 2, Natalie MacDonald, Thistledown Bebop; 3, E. Gunn; 4, Elle Harrold, Wellsbrow Sambo. Best member: E. Gunn. Lead-rein: 1, Mollie Campbell, Lucky; 2, Fearne McCarthy, Breeze; 3, E. Mackay. The Vega Cup for champion working hunter: G. McArthur. Reserve: R. Sutherland.

In-hand – Over 14.2hh, over four years old, sponsored by Studiograff Photography: 1, Carolyn Coghill, Intrepid; 2, Zoe Harris, The Sky’s The Limit; 3, Fiona Low, Damion; 4, G. McArthur; 5, A. Cormack; 6, L. Calder. Best Member: F. Low. Not exceeding 14.2hh over four years old: 1, A. Miller, Littleton’s Princess; 2, Perry Campbell, Northview Blitzen; 3, Katie Kennedy, Dorlyn Master of Arts; 4, S. Stewart; 5, Maureen Green, Latheron Senator; 6, L. Sutherland. Best Member: S. Stewart. Not exceeding 14.2hh under four years old: 1, A. Miller, Archwood Flash Dance; 2, H. & J. Florence; 3, Leanne Hope, Cherry of Glendoll; 4, Jade Baikie.

Arab pure

Native pure bred large, sponsored by Maclean Electrical: 1, A. Henderson; 2, H. & J. Florence; 3, T. Mason; 4, E. Brinded, Rushmoor Minstrel; 5, Bryony MacDonald, Dorridge Special Edition; 6, L. Hope. D.R. Alexander & Son Shield for champion: A. Miller, Littleton’s Princess. Reserve: C. Coghill.

Veteran – In-hand pre-veteran 15-19 years old: 1, E. Hewitson; 2, Sophie Campbell, Drumphin Topsey Turvey; 3, L. Calder. Best Member: L. Calder. Over 20 years old in-hand: 1, Nicola Munro, Paddy; 2, Lucy Aitken, Missy; 3, S. Stewart, Magnus; 4, A. MacDonald, Smartie The Sugar Plum Fairy. Pre-veteran ridden: 1, L. Calder; 2, S. Campbell. Best member: L. Calder. Ridden over 20 years old: 1, E. Flavell; 2, E. Mackay, Sammy; 3, L. Aitken; 4, S. Stewart, Magnus. Best member: S. Stewart.

Seaforth Highlanders Club Cup for overall best veteran and best in-hand veteran classes: E. Hewitson. Reserve overall veteran champion and Seaforth Highlanders Trophy for best in veteran ridden section: E. Flavell. All veteran classes sponsored by Dodson & Horrell.

Ridden – Over 15hh: 1, C. Coghill; 2, G. McArthur; 3, V. MacDonald; 4, Z. Harris; 5, B. Cowan; 6, R. MacSween. Best member: G. McArthur. Over 14.2hh but not exceeding 15.2hh, sponsored by Eric Gunn Driver Training: 1, R. Sutherland, Puzzlemaster; 2, B. Ross; 3, Eleanor Manson, Teddy; 4, Iona MacMillan, Salvestro; 5, F. Low. Best member: R. Sutherland. Over 13.2hh, but not exceeding 14.2hh: 1, H. Florence, Crackerjack; 2, L. Stewart; 3, K. Kennedy; 4, S. Stewart; 5, C. Flavell; 6, A. Miller. Best member: L. Stewart. Not exceeding 13.2hh: 1, C. Bissett; 2, M. Anderson; 3, S. Campbell, Northview Blitzen. Winner of the James Gunn Photography Cup: C. Bissett.

Not exceeding 12.2hh: 1, Holly Henderson, Angel’s Dram; 2, E. Mackay; 3, Emma Bissett, Giggles. Lead-rein: 1, E. Hewitson; 2, Rachel Mackay, Sunrising Monopoly; 3, M. Campbell; 4, E. Florence.

Pure and part-bred Arab: 1, L. Kennedy; 2, S. Stewart. Best member: L. Kennedy. Cob type: 1, R. Sutherland, Playboy II; 2, A. Cormack. Best member: R. Sutherland.

Native small breeds: 1, E. Gunn; 2, J. Florence; 3, H. Florence, Param Corrie; 4, N. MacDonald; 5, E. Brinded; 6, F. McCarthy. Menai Silver Symbol Quiach for best native small breed and best member: E. Gunn. Native large breeds: 1, T. Mason; 2, A. Henderson; 3, T. Inness; 4, Katie Reilly, Finn; 5, B. MacDonald; 6, E. Harrold. Home Bakery Cup for best native large breed and best member: T. Mason. Coloured: 1, A. Miller, Free Spirit III; 2, Jacky MacMillan, Doirlin Iceni; 3, B. Holt; 4, J. Campbell; 5, J. Gunn.

BHS Shield for champion ridden horse: R. Sutherland, Puzzlemaster; Reserve: L. Kennedy.

Show-jumping – Grand prix: 1, C. Bissett, Bradmoor Tess; 2, I. MacMillan. Johnson Controls Cup for winner of grand prix: C. Bissett. Adult 3’3”: 1, I. MacMillan; 2, Anne Alexander, Brudar; 3, G. McArthur; 4 eq, B. Cowan, B. Holt and V. McDonald. Best member: G. McArthur. Junior 3’3”: 1, E. Manson; 2, C. Bissett, Bradmoor Tess; 3, S. Ramsøy, Blair’s Cody. Adult 2’9”: 1, A. Alexander; 2, B. Holt; 3, A. Henderson; 4, R. Alexander; 5, B. Ross; 6, B. Cowan. Best member: B. Holt. Junior 2’9”: 1, L. Stewart; 2, M. Anderson; 3, C. Flavell; 4, S. Ramsøy, Durran Pablo; 5, C. Mackay, Red Hot Rosie; 6, Z. Harris. Best member: L. Stewart.

Adult 2’3”: 1, A. Henderson; 2, B. Ross; 3, Iona MacMillan, Latheron, Hot Spot; 4, J. Gunn; 5, J. MacMillan. Best member: A. Henderson. Junior 2’3”: 1, A. Ramsøy; 2, A. Manson; 3, K. Kennedy. Lead-rein: 1, M. Campbell; 2, F. McCarthy; 3, R. Mackay. Adult mini, sponsored by J.W. Sutherland Property Developments: 1, L. Calder; 2, J. Campbell; 3, J. Gunn. Best member: L. Calder. Junior mini: 1, F. McCarthy; 2, H. Florence, Drumgesk Ysbryd; 3, E. Bissett; 4, H. Henderson; 5 eq, N. MacDonald and E. Harrold.

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