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Road safety would be improved by 20mph speed limit throughout Thurso, say community council

By Gordon Calder

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A CALL has been made for a 20mph speed limit to be applied throughout Thurso to end confusion for drivers and improve road safety.

It was made by members of the Thurso Community Council this week after concern was raised about the different speeds in various parts of the town.

A 20mph speed limit throughout Thurso would improve road safety, according to community council.
A 20mph speed limit throughout Thurso would improve road safety, according to community council.

At present, many areas have 20mph limits but other places have 30mph and even 40mph, it was stated at Tuesday night's meeting.

Community councillor, Colin Johnston, described the situation as "ridiculous" and said: "Why are we putting up with this."

Thurso and northwest Caithness Highland councillor, Matthew Reiss, admitted the system is "a bit of a mish-mash" and pointed out that the signs are quite small. "A lot of people are not seeing them. Ideally, the whole town would be 20mph. That would make it simpler," he said.

His Thurso council colleague, Donnie Mackay agreed: "The whole town should be 20mph. It is a nightmare at the moment."

Thelma Mackenzie said there should be uniformity in the town regards speed and stated: "People are not adhering to 20mph because they can't see the signs."

Treasurer, Elspeth Husband, said drivers are confused by the different speed limits and said there is more chance of people surviving an accident at 20mph compared to 30mph – a point endorsed by retired police officer, Iain Gregory of Caithness Roads Recovery.

He said at 40mph a person is likely to be killed while at 30mph it is 50:50 but the chances of survival are much higher at 20mph.

Kyle Manson of the Highland Youth Council said there is "a lot of speeding outside the High School" which has a 30mph limit. He said pupils there face similar risks as youngsters at primary schools where there are 20mph speed limits.

Chairman, Ron Gunn, said the same speed limit should apply throughout the town as that would be better for drivers and public safety.

That was agreed by members who also backed plans for mini-speed bumps to be installed at Janet Street and Castlegreen Road in a bid to slow down traffic in these areas.

The community council is to make its views known to Highland Council.

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