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Mart Prices – Quoybrae, Aberdeen and Northern Marts

By Ali Morrison

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QUOYBRAE, Aberdeen and Northern Marts on Monday, May 3, sold 304 Store Cattle, 3 Breeding Cattle, 685 Prime, Store and Breeding Sheep.

Bullocks (177) averaged 251.3p per kg to 294.3p for a pen of four 333kg Simmental crosses from Gillock Mains, Watten and £1,410 gross for a pen of four 619kg Shorthorn crosses from Blackpark, Watten.

Heifers (127) averaged 247.1p per kg to 312.2p for a 205kg Simmental cross from Ritchies Croft, Brawlbin and £1,240 gross for a 519kg Charolais cross from Norland, Lybster.

New Season Prime lambs (2) averaged 282.2p per kg to 286.5p and £137.50 gross for a 48kg Suffolk from 5 West Murkle, Thurso.

Old Season Prime lambs (52) averaged 258.9p per kg to 283p for 44kg Texels from Stainland and Sibmister Farms and £138 gross for 87kg Continentals from Ackergill Mains, Wick.

Old Season Store Lambs (213) sold to £120.50 for Suffolks from Roadside Cottage, Roster.

Ewes with Lambs at foot (17) sold to £80 per life for a Texel Gimmer with a single lamb at foot from Seaview Oldwick.

Feeding Ewes and Rams (401) sold to £160 for a Texel Ram from Seaview, Oldwick.

“A show of well fleshed forward cattle sold to sellers’ advantage. Store wintered grazing sorts followed recent trends and many more could have been easily cashed. In the corresponding year a significant increase in the amount of sheep were forward, with all classes keenly bid for and excelled seller’s expectations.”

Leading prices per head and kg:

Bullocks up to 300kg – 32 Larel, Halkirk (Limx) £860, 287.6p

301-350kg – Bardnaclavan, Bridge of Westfielsd (Chax) £1,010, 291.9p

351-400kg – Gillock Mains (Chax) £1,065, 281p

401-450kg – Lhaid Croft, Occumster (Limx) £1,130, 271p

451-500kg – Alterwall, Lyth (Chax) £1,170, Backlass (AA) 250.6p

501-550kg – Blackpark, Watten (BSHX) £1,275, Cruthnin, Tofts (Simx) 247p

551-600kg – Roadside, Kirk (Limx) £1,340, 229.4p

601-650kg – Roadside (Limx), Blackpark (BSHX) £1,400, Blackpark (BSH) 227.8p

Heifers up to 300kg – Ha, Bowermadden (Limx) £810, 287.2p

301-350kg- Gillock Mains (Cha) £900, Ha (Limx) 275.7p

351-400kg – Lhaid Croft, (Limx) £1,040, 262p

401-450kg – Lhaid Croft (BRBX) £1,125, 250.6p

451-500kg – Alterwall (Cha) £1,230, 260p

501-550kg – Blackpark (BSHX) £1,210, Norland, Lybster (Cha) 238.9p

Leading prices per head and kg

New Season Prime lambs:

Suff – Hillhead, Lybster £116.50, 277.4p.

Old Season Prime lambs:

Cont – Overton, Bylbster £133, 225.4p;

Bel – Brae-edge £131.5, 239.1p;

HB – West Watten (Thomson) £130.50, 266.3p;

Tex – Lower Thura £126.5, 271.3.

Leading prices per head:

Old Season Store Lambs:

Chv – Smiddyquoy £119.50; ChvX- Curlew £118.50; HB- Granton Mains £109.50;

Tex – Gilpen Croft, Roster £108.50; Mules – Parkview £107.50.

Feeding Ewes:

Suf – East Murkle £155; Sufx – East Murkle £150; DownX – East Murkle £148; Tex – West Watten (Thomson) £140; Chv – Parkview £132.50; Cont – Myrelandhorn (miller) £130; ChvX – Curlew £129.50; HB – Granton Mains £126.50; TexX – Myrelandhorn £118.50; ChvX – Upper Latheron £121; Chv – Lynegar £114 ChvMule – Leen, South Keiss £107.50; Mule – Skinet £101.50; BF – Ha, Murza £74.50.

Feeding Rams:

Suf – Roadside Cottage £139.50; Suf – Myrelandhorn (Miller) £129.50Tex – Gilpen Croft £127; ChvX – Parkview £119.50; Chv – Spittal Mains £120.

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