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Final day of frantic campaigning sees candidates all over the Highlands make one last push for votes in the general election

By Scott Maclennan

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Frantic electioneering is underway by candidates across the north to secure as much support before people head into polling stations tomorrow.
Frantic electioneering is underway by candidates across the north to secure as much support before people head into polling stations tomorrow.

On the final day of frantic campaigning candidates across the Highlands are making one last push for the votes that could prove decisive in what are two unusually competitive races for the north seats.

In both Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross and Inverness, Skye and West Ross-shire parties, activists and the candidates themselves are working to secure support.

However, despite their different political positions all of them are encouraging people in the region to make use of their vote and make their voice heard no matter who they vote for.

Caithness certainly appears to be a battleground for the north constituency with at least two candidate knocking on doors there to get their message across while further south the main area of effort is Inverness and the Great Glen.

Here is what they told us what they will be doing on their last day on campaign trail before tomorrow’s vote.

As one would-be MP pointed: “From now as I write these words, there are only 40 nerve wracking hours to find out the result.”

Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross

Spending the last hours leafleting and talking to as many people as possible while out and about. Reminding folks the Alba Party is the only party with a plan to deliver Independence,about Voter ID and encouraging them to turn out and vote as their vote matters.

Lucy Beattie, SNP

I’m meeting people up in Caithness today still gathering views from the business community in the fishing, retail, hospitality and arts sectors. After that I plan to keep the conversation going as I knock doors down the coast to get out the vote.

My central message is why not Scotland? Moreover, why not the Highlands? Self-determination in our communities is what I call for, this vote is so close- it’s there for the taking. A vote for Lucy Beattie is a vote to restore your trust in the movement for independence and self-determination for Scotland.

Eva Kestner, Labour

On the final day of our campaign, I will be travelling between Wick and Thurso to meet as many of you as possible to promote Scottish Labour's first steps toward bringing the change Scotland needs. Every vote counts to stop the chaos and deliver the change needed to build a better future for the people in North Highlands. Thank you to all who have already voted, and a reminder to everyone else to get out tomorrow and vote for change. Let's make our voices heard and bring positive change to our communities!

Jamie Stone, Liberal Democrats

I’ll be out and about, chapping the last doors in Easter Ross. It has been the friendliest and most positive campaign of my career, and I’m very grateful for the many kind comments I have received. My fingers are firmly crossed for the final result tomorrow - but I’ve loved every minute of it. It has reminded me of what a privilege it has been to represent the Far North, and how elated I would be to do so once again.

After calling it a day, I’m planning to get an enormous Indian takeaway from one of our favourite locals - Top Tain Curry Club - for Flora, myself and my well-deserving team. Whichever way you intend to cast your vote, please remember to get out to your polling station tomorrow.

Anne Thomas, Scottish Greens

We'll be reminding voters across the constituency to vote like our future depends on it, because it does. We had a great day campaigning yesterday with our Green MSP Ariane Burgess in Culbokie and Rosemarkie with many people saying they will vote for us because they care about the climate and the future they are leaving.

Inverness, Skye and West Ross-shire

Michael Perera, Labour

Along with the Scottish Labour team we will be canvassing in the city of Inverness getting the message out there that if you want to see a change of government you have to vote for it. We have been very encouraged by how many now see Scottish Labour as a credible alternative to the two failing Conservative and SNP Governments. We will take care of the rotten Tory Government this year and will be back to replace the failure that is the SNP in 2026.

Peter Newman, Scottish Greens

For me the final day of the campaign is going to be spent continuing to hit the doors, putting out our eve of poll cards. There'll be a focus on the Aird and Loch Ness ward, taking in some of the new houses in Drumnadrochit for example where many new residents may not have had the chance to vote for a Green candidate in a general election before. In terms of getting out and voting the message is really simple. No matter which party you choose to vote for, the only way to get change is to vote for it – so make yourselves heard!

Angus MacDonald, Liberal Democrats

Having finished canvassing, today I have a team ringing around the 3000 known Labour and Conservative voters on our database and asking them to vote tactically reminding them that only the Liberal Democrats can oust the SNP here.

I’ll go to the Commando Memorial in Spean Bridge if it stops raining, and film a ‘please get out to vote’ message for my social media. Before that I will optimistically write a winner’s speech. I believe the vote will be incredibly close, so I may not get to use it!

From now as I write these words, there are only 40 nerve wracking hours to find out the result.

Drew Hendry, SNP

With polls open tomorrow, I want to thank everyone for their incredible support so far. It was always going to be challenging to get around this massive constituency, especially with the election being called unexpectedly, but I have enjoyed every minute of it.

I will keep doing all I can to earn the trust of voters in communities across the Inverness, Skye and West Ross-Shire constituency until the polls close and beyond.

It's easy to feel fed up with politics, but your vote does matter. By voting, you are doing your bit to protect your values, your family, and your community. With your trust tomorrow, I will continue to stand up for you in Westminster and be on hand to help here at home.

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