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Cracking idea as fresh eggs are delivered to homes

By David G Scott

WITH the availability of fresh eggs being affected by panic-buying, a small business in Caithness is helping to fill the gap by making home deliveries of its farm produce.

Yvonne Cull has been out and about with boxes of eggs from Gansclett Croft at Thrumster.

Speaking on Friday, Yvonne said: "We have chickens and sheep and run a bed-and-breakfast as well.

"The chickens are free range and are only shut up at night to protect them from foxes and pine martens."

Yvonne said she knows of someone in the area who had lost most of his hens to a fox after just popping out for some groceries.

"I think because I have dogs on the croft it helps keep the foxes at bay," she said.

Yvonne Cull with some of the eggs she delivers.
Yvonne Cull with some of the eggs she delivers.

Fridays are delivery days and Yvonne drives about with her fresh eggs to the various clients on her books.

"We do a home delivery service around Wick and we have mixed weights in the boxes. Most people buy a dozen which sell at £2.70."

Yvonne says that if she has the eggs she will supply them.

"Tesco had sold out of eggs on Thursday so people are glad to receive them.

"I also found a rhubarb patch on the croft and have been making rhubarb and ginger along with rhubarb and raspberry jam, which we'll be selling."

The Gansclett Croft hens are free range and well looked after.
The Gansclett Croft hens are free range and well looked after.

With chickens there are droppings – and what better way to recycle the manure than using it to grow a vegetable patch?

"That'll be used along with a pile of soil that's been left over from when there were cattle on the croft," Yvonne said.

"We're working on the garden area just now and weeding it out before we lay the manure down."

The croft hopes to supply vegetable boxes later this year.

Gansclett Croft has a Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Gansclett-Croft-101696881273578/

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