Published: 10/09/2017 11:34 - Updated: 10/09/2017 11:45

Kara wins Blairgowrie Open without dropping a leg


Kara Sutherland is in the form of her life.
Kara Sutherland is in the form of her life.


KARA Sutherland continued her preparations for her debut in the World Masters by winning her second major tournament of the season.

Along with Caithness Youth Darts (CYD) colleague Abigail Duncan, she has qualified for the tournament at Bridlington in three weeks’ time.

The 16-year-old stormed her way to the Blairgowrie Open title without dropping a single leg as she won all her matches 3-0. Her victories included beating CYD players Sammie Campbell in the semi-final and Abigail in the final.

She said winning the tournament in such dominant fashion was ideal preparation to take on the best young players in the world later this month.

“I would say it was my best ever performance in a tournament,” she said.

“I am feeling really good about my darts at the moment.

“If someone said to me 12 months ago that I would be playing in the World Masters, I would not have believed them.

“But I have learned to calm down and not get mad when I hit a bad score.”

CYD coach and Kara’s mother Maggie Sutherland said she has also noticed that her daughter is a lot more composed on the oche. Having had the chance to play against seasoned women players in the county league had, she said, improved her game.

Kara said being exposed to league competition has helped her grow as a player and in the last 12 months she has also become a deadlier finisher as she has improved her doubles.

Around 40 players from around the world will be competing in the World Masters and she said she is confident she can do well.

Mrs Sutherland said winning two major titles in a row means her daughter has every right to view herself as a contender for the Masters.   

She said: “Winning one major title after another has certainly instilled confidence in her.”

Kara is fourth in the Scottish junior rankings, with Abbie fifth and Sammie sixth as Caithness girls make a big impression on the national darts scene.

Mrs Sutherland said: “It is fantastic that these three girls are doing so well and showed how good they are by finishing first, second and third at the Blairgowrie Open.

“But there are a lot of other talented youngsters up here that are interested in darts who have yet to head to off to take part in major competition.”

The success of CYD has led to Thurso establishing its own club with interest in new clubs in Keiss and Halkirk.

Both Kara and Abbie are looking for sponsorship to help assist them in their quest for glory at the World Masters.

Anyone who wishes to sponsor the girls can contact CYD on its Facebook site.

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