Published: 25/08/2017 12:59 - Updated: 25/08/2017 13:15

Wick woman relives earthquake terror



Amanda Robertson.
Amanda Robertson.

AFTER this week’s recent seismic activity off the Italian coast, when a  magnitude 4.3 earthquake rocked the volcanic island of Ischia, a Wick woman has been reliving her own night of terror from last month. 

Amanda Robertson set off for her favourite holiday destination - the Greek island of Kos.

 “That was an awful event,” she recalled. “There were a couple of deaths,     120 were injured and someone got their leg amputated and there were countless other serious injuries.”

 The 2017 Aegean Sea earthquake was a magnitude 6.6 earthquake which caused extensive damage to the island's cathedral, the 18th century Defterdar mosque, and a 14th-century castle. A small tsunami was also triggered by the earthquake.

She said: “At about 1.30am I felt this awful shaking. I couldn’t understand what was happening and at first I thought it was something wrong with me, as if I was having an epileptic fit.

 “It turned out the bed was shaking, the room was shaking, the building was shaking and when I looked out the window, everything else was  shaking,” she recalled.

She stayed in the town of Kefalos and though she saw little damage there, when she went down to the town of Kos the destruction was immediately apparent.

Despite her experience, Ms Roberston says she would have no qualms about visiting the island of Kos again.

Read full story in today's John O'Groat Journal.

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