Published: 11/09/2017 17:09 - Updated: 11/09/2017 17:15

Volunteers cut a new path to Wick riverside


Wick Riverside Volunteers take a well-earned break from their clean-up operation. Picture: Doreen Gow
Wick Riverside Volunteers take a well-earned break from their clean-up operation. Picture: Doreen Gow


WICK Riverside volunteers have just completed a major upgrade of the path from children’s play area to the campsite running beside the railway line.

Local firm GMR Henderson supplied machinery and three men to dig out the old path and enlarge it to modern standards and filled in with road chippings which Highland Council’s roads department donated.

Volunteer Charlie Bain said: “These planings came from the Killimster road improvements, so it’s good to see it being recycled. Thanks to Logan Henderson for all his hard work in overseeing the project.”

Mr Bain and the team also sent thanks to Willie Miller, of the Wick Caravan and Camping Site, for allowing the council lorries to go through the area.

Mr Miller also donated drinks and snacks for the team throughout the day.

“It was hard, thirsty work on a warm day but worth it as the path will make it easier for people of all abilities to enjoy our riverside,” added Mr Bain.

The old path had been knee-high with vegetation, was single file in places and had branches blocking parts.

Mr Bain told the Groat that it had become “quite unpleasant if not completely inaccessible for walkers”.

The volunteers had recently tidied up the area of the riverside where the statue to Caithness’ historian, James T Calder, is located.

The camping site pathway was next on their hit list as another area of concern.

“We are very pleased this has been completed in such a short time,” said Mr Bain.

“The goodwill of people and help from businesses will get Wick looking good once again and feeling proud of itself. We all deserve that.”

Doreen Gow, who took the photos featured, is another volunteer and is particularly pleased that her disabled daughter can now access the walk. “We are so proud of our path, it was a big commitment for us to get it done. The improvement is unbelievable for my daughter in her wheelchair,” said Ms Gow.

Recently, around Wick riverside, the William Watters’ pump and Queen Mother’s tree railings were repainted and their stone plinths re-pointed by the Community Payback team. They also repaired and painted the quoiting shed benches.

“All in all it’s been a very productive few weeks.

We’ve been getting a lot of very positive feedback from our Facebook page and everybody is talking about it now,” added Mr Bain.

Anyone interested in helping can access information at the group’s Facebook page visit

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