Published: 16/03/2018 12:10 - Updated: 16/03/2018 10:11

Thurso seat is repeatedly targeted by vandals


The damaged seat at Thurso riverside.
The damaged seat at Thurso riverside.
VANDALS have struck again at a community stone seat which was built in Thurso as part of a drystone walling festival.

The seat – constructed over two years at a prominent site near the mouth of the Thurso river – has been damaged three times. It was erected as part of the Northstone Stone Festival which is run by George Gunn.

He said youths were seen prising the coping stones of the round seat and throwing them in the river.

“This has happened three times in total, the most recent occasion being last Friday. I don’t think they realise the work that is put into these things. The seat was built for the benefit of the community and a small minority are trying to ruin it for others.”

He has repaired the seat when it was vandalised but it was targeted again. “I have reported the matter to the police this time,” said Mr Gunn.

The third festival is to be held over three days in July this year and aims to bring people together to enjoy participating in the ancient craft of drystone walling under the supervision of qualified instructors.

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