Published: 26/05/2017 14:22 - Updated: 07/06/2017 14:38

'Spanish plume' sends far north temperatures soaring

TemperaturesTHE weather is shaping up superbly for a memorable day of potentially record-breaking heat in Wick for May and a scorcher for the time of year elsewhere in Caithness and Sutherland.

That's according to local weather watcher Keith Banks who says a high of 24C (75.2) is likely for Thurso while favoured inland locations such as Kinbrace and Altnaharra could see temperatures rocket to 26-28C.

The highest air temperature recorded in Wick for any May in the series starting from 1910 is 22C (71.6F), recorded on May 30, 1982.

Mr Banks said: "I believe there is a very real prospect the record for highest air temperature for any May in Wick could be eclipsed today. Temperatures in the burgh before 8.30am reached 19C (66.2F) and I'd be very surprised and disappointed if we don't make 21.1C (70F).

"The glorious weather we are experiencing has been facilitated by the presence of an anticyclone, presently centred over the southern north, and low pressure to the west and south-west of the UK.

"This optimal pattern for warmth has been created by a southerly airstream covering Scotland with the air today arriving from southern Europe and the Mediterranean. Meteorologists often refer to such conditions as a Spanish plume."

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