Published: 14/03/2018 09:20 - Updated: 14/03/2018 09:30

Plea to name and shame rogue delivery companies


MSP Gail Ross wants to name and shame profiteering delivery companies.
MSP Gail Ross wants to name and shame profiteering delivery companies.
FAR north MSP Gail Ross is advising online shoppers to “name and shame” couriers who overcharge customers in Caithness.

Mrs Ross is delighted that Amazon recently announced that customers in the Highlands should contact the company if they feel they have been misled over delivery charges.

Meanwhile, independent couriers who deliver to the Highlands continue to charge vastly differing prices. A regular sized shoebox weighing 10 kilos goes from £6.95+VAT with TG Euro Parcel to £27.62+VAT with UPS Standard when sent from London to Wick. The same parcel sent to Glasgow from London was exactly the same price as the Wick delivery charge with TG Euro Parcel but UPS Express Saver charged £18 less for the Glasgow delivery.

Mrs Ross said: “My advice is to use Royal Mail when possible if the charges seem extortionate. These companies who charge such high prices need to be named and shamed and I advise people in Caithness to shop locally if possible.”

The MSP went on to fire a broadside at the “ridiculous extra charges” for customers who are not only in the Highlands and Islands but anywhere north of Perth.      

Amazon and eBay have both confirmed that third-party sellers who overcharge customers will be expelled from their platforms.

Mrs Ross  feels it has been a “great turnaround” in policy for Amazon but remains adamant that other companies and couriers should be looking at making prices standard across the UK, as the Royal Mail do.    

“First and foremost I advise folk in Caithness to buy local as we have a lot of independent retailers up here. If you can’t buy local and buy online, then check the charges carefully and if they’re overcharging to deliver to Caithness then question them why they’re doing that.”

"There are local couriers in Caithness who have very fair charges and take pride in that fact. For the others who continue to levy high delivery prices I seriously think consumers in the far north should name and shame them.”  

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