Published: 16/08/2012 17:31 - Updated: 17/08/2012 11:36

Mega Octopus sails through Pentland Firth

Paul Allen of Microsoft paid $200 Million for the Octopus.
Paul Allen of Microsoft paid $200 Million for the Octopus.

ONE of the World’s largest yachts was seen passing through the Pentland Firth on its way to Scandinavia.

The Octopus was spotted off the East Caithness coast on Thursday Morning as it headed on its way to Iceland.

It is currently the 13th largest Mega Yacht in the world and the fifth largest which is not owned by a head of state.

At its time of construction in 2003, the 416 ft long vessel was classed as the biggest ever made.

The mega yacht is owned by Paul Allen of Microsoft who is currently ranked as the world’s seventh richest man.

With a permanent crew of 60, it has on board two helicopters, seven boats, a 10 man submarine and a remote controlled vehicle for crawling on the ocean floor.

On average, owners must spend a minimum of 10 per cent of the purchase price every year to keep these yachts in good working condition and cover crew salaries.

Octopus, which cost Allen $200 million to purchase, requires an annual budget of $20 million.

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