Published: 27/07/2012 18:00 - Updated: 27/07/2012 12:35

Four ton-up motorists caught in police speeding blitz

177 drivers were detected speeding as part of the crackdown.
177 drivers were detected speeding as part of the crackdown.

NORTHERN Constabulary has expressed frustration that many motorists are continuing to speed and put other road users lives at risk, despite repeated warnings.

A total of 177 drivers were detected speeding during last weekend’s national ACPOS-led enforcement campaign.

Three drivers were reported for alleged dangerous driving and one for alleged careless driving.

Officers stopped one car on the A832 which was travelling at 115 in a 60mph limit; another on the A9 at the Dornoch Bridge doing 103mph in a 60; and another two on the A9 at Daviot, both travelling at over 100mph.

All four drivers were reported to the procurator fiscal.

During the weekend, officers also reported two drivers for drink

driving offences: one on the A9 at Carrbridge who was twice the legal limit and one at Balintore who was three times over the limit. Police also detected 12 seatbelt offences, one exhaust offence and issued fixed penalties to three people for using their mobile phones whilst driving.

The force’s head of road policing Inspector Derek Paterson said: “The links between excessive speed and collisions causing death or serious injury are clear.

“Speeding is dangerous, costly and unacceptable. The results from the campaign highlight the need for police to continue our focus on irresponsible drivers, to make sure speed limits are acknowledged and the roads are made safer for people in the Highlands and Islands.”

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