Published: 21/05/2013 17:02 - Updated: 21/05/2013 17:06

Eurowind apply to build windfarm at Lyth

Eurowind has submitted its application to the Highland Council.
Eurowind has submitted its application to the Highland Council.

PLANS to build a new wind farm at Lyth have officially been submitted to the Highland Council by renewables developer Eurowind.

The company confirmed it has submitted its application on Tuesday after three years of consultation and discussion with the local community.

The application which originally planned to build 15 turbines has reduced the amount to ten with a capacity of 23 MW.

Director Ian Lindsay said the site at Lyth was one of the best in the country to harness wind to convert into energy.

“All renewables projects must strike a balance between their positive impact on global climate change and the potential impact on the local environment and landscape.

"We have worked hard to get the balance right including moving the project 1km north to take into consideration local swan populations.

"Our wind farm steers away from areas that SNH and the Council would consider sensitive in terms of landscape, which is obviously important if Caithness is to grow tourism and renewables in tandem.”

It is estimated that upon construction the project would bring £4.5m into the economy of Scotland and £1m into the Highlands.

A community fund package is being developed with surrounding communities, with Eurowind committing to a level of £3.5k

MW, which would deliver over £80k a year to the area.
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