Published: 21/03/2018 14:37 - Updated: 21/03/2018 11:45

Disability is no barrier to biker Charlotte


Charlotte with Matilda, her prize BMW RT 80 R.
Charlotte with Matilda, her prize BMW RT 80 R.

IT IS said by motorcycle enthusiasts that the freedom of the open roads breaks down all barriers - none more so than Thurso’s own Charlotte Murphy.  

Charlotte who was born with cerebral palsy and has been in a wheelchair since she was 11, has not let that get in the way of her love of motorcycles.

The 22-year-old, despite her disability and the chronic pain she has to endure, has - with her partner of five years Mikey Sunter - defied convention and shown that motorbiking is to be enjoyed by all.

For Charlotte has got on her bike, vroomed across the land and has not let her disability cut in front of her and obstruct her right of way.

The biking world has taken notice leading to Charlotte giving a talk at a biker’s convention in London and being approached by motor vehicle giants, BMW, to write an article for their On The Road magazine.

She admits there is a fun element attached to being a motorcyclist with cerebral palsy.    

She continued: “I do enjoy the look of surprise on people’s faces when I park at disabled spots.

“Their natural reaction is ‘what is this person doing parking there?’ but soon understand once I get off and into my wheelchair. However, their reaction soon turns into a ‘good for you’.”    

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