Published: 14/09/2017 17:16 - Updated: 14/09/2017 17:23

Canisbay reverend has licence to thrill


Church of Scotland minsiter Lyall Rennie with his two cars and their 007 REV registration plates.
Church of Scotland minsiter Lyall Rennie with his two cars and their 007 REV registration plates.


JAMES Bond superfan Rev Lyall Rennie was in "double-O heaven" when he managed to land two personalised number plates which means he will always be driving "From Rush Hour with Love".

The Canisbay minister managed to purchase two number plates with the number 007 and the word Rev for both his Audi and Honda.

He spent a pretty "moneypenny" of around £1100 to have the number plates L007 REV fitted to his Audi and R007 REV to his Honda.

The 68-year-old claims it was worth every penny to have the personalised number plates installed on both vehicles dedicated to his fictional hero.

"I have always been a 007 fan," he said. "I talked about having a personalised number plate with the garage when I bought the Honda CRV but I also wanted one I could put on my Audi.

"I thought that the cost for both of the number plates was reasonable.

"The L007 REV number plate on the Audi cost between £300 and £400 while the R007 REV number plate on the Honda cost between £600 and £700.

"A lot of people think having personalised number plates on an Audi TT isn’t age-appropriate.

"But my response to that is growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional."

Rev Rennie, who has been minister of the linked charge of Canisbay, Keiss, Olrig and Dunnet Church of Scotland for eight years, could be described as being a bit of a daredevil himself, having taking part in a number of exciting challenges to raise money for good causes.

He has taken part in sponsored escapades such as abseiling down Dunrobin Castle and zipsliding across a river.

He said: "Some of the congregation dubbed me as 007 because I took part in kind of daredevil stunts."

Rev Rennie’s first 007 movie that he saw was From Russia With Love, released in 1963, which he saw in his local cinema in Montrose.

It was the same cinema where he also saw Goldfinger in 1964.

Despite being a fan of the early films and actors who played the character, Rev Rennie said his favourite 007 movies are the most recent.

"My favourite movie would have to be Skyfall and my favourite James Bond would be Daniel Craig, with Sean Connery second.

"The reason is I think Daniel just fits the part of being 007. I also think the movies he has been in have been slightly more exciting than the earlier ones."

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