Published: 16/03/2017 17:33 - Updated: 16/03/2017 17:35

Big step taken in bid to restore Young Farmers club after 18-year gap

LATHERON Young Farmers’ Club has taken a major step forward to reforming after a successful campaign to attract new members to get it re-established after 18 years in abeyance.

In a bid to attract even more interest, a games night is taking place at Latheron Hall on Friday night to attract new people to join the group.

Latheron Young Farmers’ Club went out of operation in 1999 due to a lack of members and interest.

But an active campaign to create a young farmers’ club in the east side of the county during an open meeting held last month attracted new members.

Highland regional events manager Kerry Mackenzie said they hope to build on the strength of interest already shown by inviting people to come along to the games night on Friday.

“The games night is to get those interested in attending the club to come along mix and play some games which will include some team building and getting to know each other,” she said.

“It is hoped to have a mini syllabus which will run for a few months before any formal forming of the club will take place.“

There are three young farmers’ clubs in Caithness based at Bower, Forss and Halkirk which have all given their support to a fourth club being based at Latheron.

Mrs Mackenzie said previous Latheron Young Farmers’ Club members have also offered their support to get the club back up and running

She said: “There has been great support shown from past young farmers in the area which still have a keen interest and want to help the club reform and build back up to what it was previously.

“The district has also given great support to them, with five members who are representatives from Forss, Bower and Halkirk attending the open meeting.

“They have also been invited along to help with the games night which is great.

“It shows there is a support for a fourth club in the district and also to help guide Latheron back to being an affiliated club.”

Bower Young Farmers’ Club is the largest club in Caithness with Halkirk and Forss also well supported.

Watten also used to have a young farmers’ club before it folded along with Latheron.

New Latheron members were invited to attend a stock-judging practice at Thurdistoft organised by Liam Gunn.

Members from Latheron have also been invited to the Caithness district AGM which takes place tonight to learn about how to organise meetings and events.

The Young Farmers’ organisation is not just for people who live or work in the agricultural industry. A high number of club members come from outside a farming background.

Activities range from stockjudging and art and craft competitions to sports events, drama, farm and producer visits and dances.

It acts as a youth organisation aiming to help people realise their full potential, gain personal development, and to help their future careers.

Members of Caithness Young Farmers’ clubs regularly work with other charities and community organisations.

Anyone aged between 14 and 30 is eligible to join any Young Farmers‘ club. The Latheron games night starts at 7.30pm.

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