Published: 30/12/2017 17:40 - Updated: 30/12/2017 17:46

Beach cleaners find coast casualties of plastic tide


This small fish might be another casualty of the plastic menace. It looks like it tried to swallow a discarded lighter.Picture: Anne Buck


BEACH cleaners in the far north showed their true dedication to environmental concerns by foresaking the Queen’s speech to venture out on Christmas Day.

The group, called Beach Cleaners Unite (BCU), was recently formed by people living on the north Sutherland coast who were getting tired of the plastics and toxic waste they encountered while out walking.

Anne Buck, one of its founder members, was walking along coast at Farr Bay when she encountered the two casualties pictured.

“I was out for my usual stroll not long after that storm we had when I came across the dolphin and then the fish with the lighter in its mouth,” she said.

What looks like a juvenile white beaked dolphin appears to have rope and a metal loop hooked around its tongue while a smaller fish looks like it may have tried to swallow a discarded lighter, perhaps mistaking it for food.

Ms Buck went out with Louise Litchfield and Gillian McPherson, of BCU, during the festive holiday and are extending their group’s reach to take in Bettyhill and Armadale beaches.

Ms Buck said: “If everyone who went out walking on the beaches could just remove two or three small items, it would make a great difference. We’re hoping to extend out to Strathy Beach and Torrisdale Bay so anyone in those areas who would like to help should join our group.”

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