Trio of hand dived scallops

CHEF patron, Jason Henderson of Knock Castle Hotel & Spa in Crieff is an accomplished chef.

He is an enigmatic character with 15 years' experience working in several prominent UK and overseas culinary establishments who enjoys sharing his love of cooking.

He began his career in HM Forces and after four years left to pursue his career as a chef. During his career he has worked in Europe and the UK at many prestigious establishments including Descent International in the French Alps, Mont Sant in Spain, Washbourne Court, Hartwell House, Stapleford Park and Pendley Manor, England. Also in Scotland, Ballathie House and Skibo Castle.

Jason's style of cookery is Scottish contemporary with heavy influence on using only the finest Scottish produce and organic where possible.

(Serves 4)

12 fresh hand dived scallops
4 large potatoes (preferably Maris Piper)
100g Sakura salad
1 vanilla pod
4 quail's eggs
1 lime
4 small rings of black pudding

4 oranges
4 limes
4 lemons
4 cardamon seeds
½ tablespoon white peppercorn
100g dill
100g coriander
100g mint
150g sugar
150g rock salt

200g pack chippings
Zest of 1 lemon
Zest of 1 orange
Zest of 1 lime
Splash of vodka

Arran mustard dressing
Tsp Arran mustard
Small pot natural yoghurt
Tsp white wine vinegar
Chopped parsley
Squeeze of lemon
Season to taste

150g sun blushed tomatoes
150g spring onions
100g diced avocado
A good handful of fresh baby spinach

Pea sauce
300g peas
150g chopped shallots
Couple of fine slices of garlic
50ml white wine
300ml double cream
Salt and pepper
Pinch of nutmeg


Cook potatoes in salted water for 14 minutes along with half of the vanilla pod.

Remove the scallops from the shells, clean, prep and dry. Set to one side.

Blend the ingredients for the Cure, chopping the citrus fruit into reasonable size. Blend until smooth.

Place four scallops in mix and rest

For the sauce

Sauté shallots in garlic and when soft add peas, pinch of nutmeg add a good pinch of salt. Add the white wine and reduce to almost nothing, then cream.

Bring to the boil, blitz to smooth paste, season and pass through sieve.

In smoking dish place ingredients and warm (slightly smoked). Place in the scallops, remove from heat and rest.

In a small bowl mix salsa, season and rest.

By this time potatoes should be cooked. Remove from heat, drain excess liquid completely. Put through potato ricer or mouli (or mash)

Place mash into a pan with knob of butter, add cream and juice of half a lime andd also seeds from half vanilla pod. Add some cream and season to taste.

Take six thick based pans, heat and ensure mash and sauce are warm.

In the first pan add a splash of oil and a knob of butter. Pan fry Stornoway black pudding on both sides. When on second side turn down heat to minimal.

In three separate pans cook the scallops keeping the respective flavours separate and make sure to season.

Once turned over set scallops aside and add a knob of butter and leave warming.

In the fifth pan-fry the four quail's eggs softly.

In the sixth pan sauté the spinach quickly with butter and salt and pepper. Take the spinach from the pan and dry off any excess liquid.

Plating up

Take four warm plates and place a neat pile of salsa on each.

Place two quenelles of mash onto the plate, the rest of the base will consist of spinach and the black pudding.

Arrange scallops as follows: Smoked on the black pudding with a quail's egg to garnish; cured on the salsa with a segment of lime to garnish; plain on the spinach with caviar and dill to garnish.

Lace the sauce around the plate and serve.

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